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Optimal health is Swastha: the abundance in one’s self or true wellness.

The Sushrut Samhita says: “Samadosha, samagnicha, samadhatumalkriyah, prasannatmendriyamanah, swastha iti abhidhiyate,” meaning, “The person whose dosas are in balance, appetite is good, all tissues of the body and all natural urges are functioning properly, and whose mind, body and spirit (self) are cheerful or full of bliss, he/she is a healthy person.”

To achieve Swastha, you need the correct:

  • Nutrition: āhāra (diet)
  • Exercise: vyayama

Swastha is the presence of Sukha and the absence of Dukha:

  • Sukha: Su (clean-good) kha (space) = when bodily spaces are clean happiness results
  • Dukha: Du (disturbed) kha (space)= when inner space disturbed unhappiness results

To achieve Swastha, Rasanyana chiktisa – daily practices and therapies that enhance one’s liveliness, promote longevity and create a balanced life with increased awareness and vitality – are essential. These practices are important for the prevention of disease and disharmony and for the facilitation of rejuvenation and renewal of the body, mind and spirit to maintain perfect health.

ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN is a powerful program, aimed at helping you reset your body to its original healthy or Swastha state from the comfort of your home while engaging fully with your daily life. It is available in a 7-day and a 21-day version.

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ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN has three phases:

3 Days

Preparing your body for the program by consuming three solid meals a day according to your prakriti (nature) from the ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN diet.

Organic India CLEAN Program

21 Days

Following the ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN regimen.

Reintroduction of Food

7 Days

Reintroduction of food into your diet post the 21-day program.


    ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN is a comprehensive program that includes:
  • Smoothie packet: The ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN Smoothie gives your body easily-digestible nutrients and reduces the work of the digestive system. Each smoothie packet contains organic plant protein plus superfood herbs, superfood greens and fiber. Your smoothies also include targeted ingredients such as Chlorella, Spirulina and Organic Grass Juice powders which are rich in vitamins, minerals and cleansing compounds.
  • Wellness infusions: The pack contains four variants of caffeine-free wellness infusions. These improve the quality of life by gentle and natural detoxification of the liver and kidney. The certified organic infusions not only cleanse your system but also normalise your bowel movement with healing herbs.
  • Supplements: Each packet contains five proprietary formulations designed to provide comprehensive cleansing support. Liver Kidney Care heals and protects the liver and kidneys. Triphala cleanses and supports the entire GI tract. Bowelcare normalizes digestion and elimination. Neem is a natural blood purifier. Turmeric Formula supports healthy joints, radiant skin, and overall well-being.
  • A PERSONALIZED DIET PLAN based on your body type, developed specifically for you by an expert NutriHealth nutritionist.
  • EXPERT CONSULTATIONS two or three times a week with your NutriHealth nutritionist, when you can discuss any issues that you are facing and resolve them.
  • VEDIQUE APP Specially created Vedique App for interaction with your nutritionists.
  • Support services including recipes, pertinent information, inspirational material, alerts and updates to keep you motivated every day of the program.

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