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How to Make the Most of Summertime Body and Mind Makeovers
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Summer is here! Many of us are inspired to get active, spend time outdoors, rejuvenate from the inside out, and gain more insight into the things that we want in our life. One of the easiest ways to balance your energies through the scorching heat, and access the extra light and insight that summer brings, is by embarking on a cleanse. Cleansing can reach far beyond the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. While you might want to switch up your diet to delicious seasonal summer foods, it's equally important to take some time to look at your mental, emotional and spiritual life to discover how you can best support yourself during the hotter months.

ere are nine easy tips to support your summer cleanse and make it life affirming for many seasons to come:

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1. Love your Liver

Your liver is one of the vital organs responsible for helping your body eliminate toxins, making it extra important to support when embarking on a cleanse. ORGANIC INDIA's ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN Cleanse Program contains a delicate balance of supplements to support your detox, including ORGANIC INDIA Liver Kidney Formula, made up of a blend of 3 powerful Ayurvedic herbs: Bhumyamalaki, Katuki, and Punarnava. This blend works wonderfully together to help support healthy liver and kidney function.

2. Be of service to others

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you do something for others? How about when you clean up and organize your home? Cleansing and detoxing goes far beyond the limits of your body. Spend an afternoon going through your drawers, cupboards, and closets with the intention of removing items that you don’t use. Donate them to a local non-profit charity, good will, or homeless shelter. You will feel lighter and will simultaneously be giving back to those in need.

3. Sip Tulsi Cleanse Tea

Take some time out at the end of your day for a simple cup of hot tea. Not only is tea a wonderful way to cleanse your body, it can be a relaxing way to rejuvenate your spirit. ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Cleanse tea supports your ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN Cleanse Program by offering your body beneficial herbs like ginger, tulsi, and turmeric. This blend works to support healthy detoxification by optimizing liver and kidney function. Best of all? ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Cleanse tea acts as a powerful adaptogen, helping to balance out your mind, body, and spirit.

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4. Practice Mindful Meditation

Scientific studies now link meditation to heightened creativity, improved memory function, stress-relief, and even increased levels of attention. If your cleanse is leaving you feeling sluggish, or with brain fog, dedicate at least five minutes to meditating every day. Find a quiet spot to sit and take into account your posture, breathing, and the thoughts that enter your mind. Start with the simplicity of your breath going in and out, and let your thoughts pass through you swiftly.

Try your Guided Meditations, found on CD in your ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN Cleanse Kit, or online by logging in the ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN website, or downloading the app. Find a peaceful place and make a commitment to completely stop and ignore interruptions. A quietened mind helps you to get in touch with your own deep well of inner peace. Make meditation a ritual in which you unplug and unwind from a hectic day, not only in Summer, but every day of the year.

5. Feel the Joy!

Focus on feeling fit and fabulous this Summer. Aside from nurturing your mind and taking time to exercise the body, another easy way to lift your spirits is to stop stressing about cleansing and feel the joy in your life. Do something today that makes you smile!

6. Learn to say “No”

This one can be tricky for most people. Perhaps a family member asked you for a favor that you simply do not have the time to for. Maybe a co-worker is silently slipping extra work onto your desk. Make this Summer the time you let your voice be heard. If there is something you don’t want to do, don’t be afraid to say no! Setting unrealistic standards and expectations for yourself is not only stressful, it’s exhausting in the hotter months and debilitating to the mind, body, and spirit. Set healthy boundaries with others and only say yes to things that resonate with you.

7. Start Journaling

s your mind filled with thoughts? Do you need a safe place to express your feelings? Writing is the most accessible, easy way to express our inner worlds, outward. Pick up a pen and start jotting down anything and everything in a journal! The simple act of journaling can be quite cleansing in it of itself. In fact, journaling has been shown to remove mental blocks while allowing you to utilize all of your brain power. In turn, you gain more clarity and insight as you move throughout the year. Want to take it a step further? Focus on gratitude journaling. Set aside the time to ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN and think of one thing you have to be grateful for today.

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8. Use the Yang to Yin

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there’s a concept of balancing yin and yang energies. Yin energy cools down the body, while yang energy heats it up. According to TCM, summer is a yang-dominant time of the year, whereas cleansing is a yin activity, which means that summer is a great time of the year to cleanse to keep your energies well balanced. The extra heat will also help you to sweat out toxins quickly and easily.

9. Stay Hydrated with Pure Water

Our bodies are primarily made of water and it is a life-essential! When we get stressed, exercise, drink diuretic beverages (like coffee, alcohol, or cola), we deplete our bodies of this valuable element. Whether you are participating in a summer cleanse, or only looking into ways to stay healthy and regular, keeping up your water intake is important. That’s because our bodies are working to flush out potentially harmful toxins that prevent us from feeling happy and healthy. Drinking water also assists to overcome that summer sluggishness!
If you are on the ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN Cleanse Program we recommend that you aim for 3 litres of water a day to keep your elimination channels clear and to provide that extra support to your kidneys, liver and bowel to flush toxins with ease.
Is water too boring for you? Try adding lemon or lime juice for added flavor and a boost of vitamin C!
Wishing you a beautiful Summer!

Source Credits: With special thanks to Margaux J Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P. and ORGANIC INDIA, USA for the inspiration, and many of the words and tips, found in this article. Edited with permission by Angela Rowland for the ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN blog.

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